We are a women-owned, LGBTQ-owned business with a passion for helping people add joy to their lives. Cannabis can help people meet their wellness goals, engage with their loved ones, reconnect with creativity, and so much more! We are here to help you use cannabis products to improve your lives. Our dedication to continuously learning about cannabis allows us to provide knowledgeable guidance. Stop in and see us!

Thank you to Sweet Alice Floral in Saint Peter, MN for this awesome article! 

We’re kicking off our series of interviews with women-led small businesses with Britt, co-owner of Healing Harvest MN, a retailer of top quality, independently tested Cannabidiol products. The shop, located off Highway 169 in Saint Peter, Minnesota, aims to help people reach their wellness goals and flourish from the ground up!
“My wife, Jennifer, and I opened Healing Harvest in October of 2022, wanting to offer innovative products to the St. Peter community. Our goal became focusing on how we could set up a business to feel accessible, warm, and welcoming. We wanted people to feel comfortable asking questions and be open to trying new things. We also needed to take something we felt passionate about and build the business around it.
Jennifer is the handywoman of the business and took care of remodeling the storefront. She used to own a cleaning business prior to this and when I brought up this giant life and career change idea she didn’t even bat. She hopped on this big adventure with me, giving me so much trust and support. Before opening Healing Harvest I was working a government job, managing three public libraries, before that I was a teacher and before that, I was a florist. Those jobs became the perfect trifecta of learning opportunities to help me feel confident within this new business.
The reason we chose to be a part of this industry is simple, we believe cannabis has infinite health and wellness benefits and want to share both products and knowledge with the community. As we grow and policy changes are made, we will continue to think of our community and how we can offer experiences, like yoga, mindfulness, and art classes in combination with our products. We look forward to serving all walks of life and hiring a diverse group of people that represent a whole community.”

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