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You’ll stand out from the rest of the customers in line at the grocery store, that’s for sure! The Chroma design gets funnier the longer you look at it. So many different icons and characters are floating around that you’ll continue to notice new details. Pack your towel, sunglasses, smoking supplies, and snacks in the Ooze Reusable Bag and head to the beach, a friend’s house, or just out and about for the day. Tell everyone you live the Ooze Life without telling everyone you live the Ooze Life just by carrying around this colorful, Oozey bag!

Save the planet one plastic bag at a time! The Ooze reusable bag is a durable grocery bag with two sturdy handles attached in the center. We redesign this classic bag each and every year, which means this year’s Chroma design will only be available in 2023.

*CHROMA | Discover all the fun, wacky characters floating in the world of Chroma! The bright colors really stand out, and the borders and handles are vibrant purple.
*SMALL | This is the smaller version of the Ooze Reusable Bag. It’s roughly the size of a Lululemon bag or lunch bag.
*REUSABLE BAG | The Ooze Reusable Bag can be used again and again! Stop using single-use plastic bags and choose a much more sustainable option. It’s simple swaps like this that make the difference long term.
*LIMITED EDITION | Ooze redesigns the reusable bag every year, and the 2023 design is Chroma! This will only be available this year, making the Chroma bag a collector’s item.
*USES | The Reusable Bag can be used again and again. Take it to the grocery store, to the beach, to a party, or to the smoke session. Bring it with you anywhere you need to take a few belongings.


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