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Product Information

Imagine sipping on a deep, earthy craft beer—only, hold the phone, it’s alcohol-free too. That’s Lion’s Mane IPA from Fungtn, a non-alcoholic, gluten-free drink made with adaptogenic organic Lion’s Mane mushroom. (Expect notes of stone fruit here.) It’s amassed multiple awards, and we’re not the least bit surprised.

This award winning non-alcoholic IPA is enhanced with Lion’s Mane mushrooms, known for boosting focus & memory.

No your beer won’t taste like mushrooms, it will however help keep your mind and body on good form! Fungtn (pronounced liked “function”) cleverly brews their India Pale Ale with adaptogenic organic Lion’s Mane mushroom which is widely used for its incredible cognitive benefits.

Tasting Notes
What does Fungtn Lion’s Mane IPA taste like?

Golden color and carbonation, deep, earthy IPA with high notes of peach and stone fruit, tea, grapefruit and a pleasant punchy & bitter finish.

What’s in this non-alcoholic beer?
Hops: Cascade & Challenger
Mushrooms: Organic Lion’s Mane extract (0.5 grams)

Details & Nutrition
• Made in United Kingdom
• 6 cans per pack – 6x330mL (11.2 oz)
• Vegan
• Gluten free (contains less than 10 parts per million)
• 62 calories per can
• Contains 0.5% alcohol
• The perfect alternative to IPA beer


Water, Hops, Barley, Malt, Oats, Yeast, Lion’s Mane.


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