3.25″ Glass Chillum with Electroform Copper – Gold


Glass Chillum with Electroform Copper

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This unique glass chillum pipe was locally made by a glass artist in Mankato MN. It has undergone a special process known as electroforming. Electroforming is a process that allows a glass artist to add copper plating to a piece of glass via a series of steps including acid baths. This pipe started as a simple, thick clear chillum style pipe and then a layer of copper plating was added to the middle of the chamber. It has a grippy, rough texture but is not jagged or sharp, increasing durability and adding a super unique appearance that will make just about anyone who sees it inquire as to just what is up with that…a great conversation piece that is functional too! Each unique glass piece has a hand-applied copper that will continue to oxidize and add brilliance along with personality for the life of the piece. The pipe shown in the images is the EXACT one that is for sale.


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