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Clipper lighters are truly reusable! They are made of high-performance plastic that is flexible, resistant, uncrackable, and self-extinguishable. Clipper integrates nylon which is one of the strongest plastic materials available. This quality plastic will keep them working for so much longer than the average disposable lighter. Each lighter consists of 30% recycled materials.

Clippers are easy to refill, just turn it upside down and insert the isobutane can’s nozzle in the small hole and apply pressure. Try placing a case of butane cans nearby so customers can grab plenty of fuel to keep their new lighter going. They also have a super safe flame that will never flare up taller 30mm. Clipper also offers replacement flints and spark wheels to keep one lighter in rotation for years.

REUSABLE | All Clipper lighters can be reused again and again. They are made of super durable plastic and can be refilled with isobutane once they run out of fuel.

PACKING TOOL | Pull on the lighter’s spark wheel to pull out the packing tool. Use this stick to pack in flower when rolling a joint, or as a poker tool to clear a cashed bowl.

SAFETY | The flame of a Clipper lighter will never extend past 30mm thanks to the pre-set flame valve. The strong plastic material is flexible, resistant, uncrackable, and self-extinguishable, making it one of the safest lighters available.


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